Lessons from a serial healthcare entrepreneur with Kent Dicks

By Life365 on August, 21 2020

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Life365 CEO, Kent Dicks, was a guest on Dr. Roxie Mooney's podcast - COIQ PODCAST

Dr. Roxie is regarded in the specialty-pharmacy, digital-health, and value-based healthcare sectors as a trusted advisor and strategic thinker. She recently published “How Leaders Market and Commercialize Healthcare Technology Innovation” in the peer-reviewed Journal of Business & Economic Perspectives (JBEP) and writes pragmatic blog posts that are focused on helping healthcare leaders.

In the episode, Dr. Roxie speaks with Kent Dicks, CEO and Founder of Life365, and gets his input on how to increase the chance for market success in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Kent shares his strategies for opening up partnerships and relationships, and how to stay on task while also being agile and remaining relevant beyond the COVID economy.

Here are the show highlights:

  • Explore friction points in healthcare during COVID-19 (2:23)
  • Turning challenges and obstacles into opportunity (5:14)
  • Opening up partnerships, relationships, and paths to success (9:50)
  • Dissecting what opportunity in a crisis looks like (12:28)
  • How commercialization strategies are changing during crises (15:37)
  • Telehealth adoption and the future of telemedicine (21:00)
  • Strategies for staying agile and relevant in a post-pandemic market (26:30


View more information, and additional marketing tips, on Dr. Roxie's blog, and check out the video show and podcast interview with Kent below.