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Life365 Announces Strategic Acquisition of AffirmXH to Enhance Health Solutions

By Life365 on December, 4 2023

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PHOENIX, Ariz. - December 5, 2023 – Life365, a leader in transforming healthcare through innovative solutions, announce today the acquisition of AffirmXH, a company renowned for its advanced biometric data analysis and no-code digital treatment platforms. The acquisition was completed under the LifeConnect division, and signifies a major step in expanding their reach in health monitoring.

AffirmXH specializes in gathering, analyzing, and responding to biometric data, employing a bio-sensor, drag-and-drop treatment builder, and algorithm development​​. Their products align with LifeConnect's goal of providing high-quality health monitoring solutions.

A key product from AffirmXH, the Continuous Temperature Sensor, offers over 50 temperature readings per hour through a disposable, maintenance-free patch, showcasing the company's commitment to user-friendly and efficient health monitoring technologies​​. This acquisition allows Life365 to incorporate these advanced technologies into its LifeConnect division, enhancing their ability to deliver personalized and effective healthcare solutions.

"Our goal is to make AI-driven health monitoring accessible to a wider audience," stated Kent Dicks, CEO of Life365. "With AffirmXH's innovative technology, and LifeConnect's expertise, we are poised to redefine how health monitoring is delivered."

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