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Life365 Continues to Expand its Omnichannel, Virtual First Care Platform - Providing the Largest Variety of Engagement and Connection to Patients

By Life365 on April, 13 2023

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Life365, a leading provider of innovative, virtual care technology solutions, today announced the further expansion of its intelligent omnichannel virtual first care platform. New capabilities will include integrations to more than 500 OEM medical devices from around the world. Life365 stands alone in its breadth of connectivity and engagement options, including mobile apps, Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) cellular hubs, wearables, smart TVs, smart tablets and introducing, Amazon Alexa.

Life365 has partnered with tuzag, Inc. to provide conversational AI on the Life365 virtual first platform. Tuzag is integrated on the Alexa platform, helping to drive maximum engagement, in an economical manner.

Life365 is also a strategic partner with Stel, a provider of IoMT cellular hubs, a technology that seamlessly and securely connects health devices to the cloud without complex setup.

Life365 is an integrated partner on the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare platform — enabling payors and providers to provide virtual care at scale. The integration allows MC4H users expanded capabilities, while also being able leverage the powerful tools available from Microsoft, like AI capabilities. Collecting data from patients at home can fuel the AI / machine learning systems within (MC4H). AI can analyze data to streamline workflows, reduce staff burden, triage patient data, provide immediate feedback to patients, and more.

The Life365 platform mobile health app is available free on Google Play and Apple iTunes, enabling connection to hundreds of devices, and features to enable patient self-monitoring and data sharing. “

With these integration partners, the Life365 Platform becomes the most flexible and diverse platform in the world,” said Kent Dicks, Life365 CEO and Founder. “Patient engagement is key, limiting yourself to one source of connectivity will only address a small subset of patients. A highly personalized, fully integrated, omnichannel solution, like Life365, is needed to address large diverse populations domestically, as well as throughout the world.”

The Life365 Omnichannel Virtual First Platform drives a higher level of intelligence and connectivity, impacts a larger population of patients, and maximizes adherence. This provides access to Actionable Data, enabling early insights , or signals, for AI and care analytics. The outcome is situational awareness inside the patient home, resulting in prioritization of remote care. These insights can enable solutions like mobile first care, driving the transition from reactive ambulance ER visits to proactive, just-in-time care. Early interventions allow for appropriate use of resources and reductions in cost across the healthcare system.

Life365 is setting the standard in remote care with its diverse product offering, powerful integrated partners, future vision, and strategic patent portfolio focused on the next generation of AI, wearables, and sensors.

Life365 offers a full array of connected services to simplify operations and optimize adherence, including: logistics, white labeling, patient onboarding, clinical monitoring, patient collateral, provider and patient monitoring portals, patient health surveys, reimbursement dashboards, and much more.

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About Life365

Life365 is an omnichannel, Virtual First Care Platform that enables healthcare delivery at home. The platform addresses key care delivery challenges by providing scalable solution integration and logistics to enterprise healthcare organizations that enable connectivity, engagement, and improved outcomes for their growing patient populations at home. The platform provides a single integration point that enables providers, payers, and others to utilize a proactive virtual first approach to remotely manage and monitor patients with a variety of conditions and needs including: CCM (chronic care management), transitional and post-discharge care and population health.

Life365 is led by an experienced, industry recognized connected health team. Life365 is a major patent holder of wearables, sensors and patches driven by machine learning / AI, to drive the next generation of remote patient monitoring to scale. For more information regarding Life365, please visit