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LifeConnect Partners with Movement Interactive and AffirmXH

By Life365 on April, 20 2021

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SCOTTSDALE, AZ, April 21, 2021LifeConnect®, patent holders in “next generation” wearable, sensor and patch technology, and a subsidiary of Life365®, announced today a partnership with Movement Interactive, the maker of the patented Hiji®Band and Hiji®Sense used for fall and concussion detection and AffirmXH, makers of an intelligent biosensor used to provide continuous monitoring for early warning of possible infection.

LifeConnect is a machine learning / artificial intelligent platform designed to connect, coordinate and integrate actionable patient generated data, from a variety of sources, to analytic and AI systems that enable new models of care with deeper learning algorithms. LifeConnect, along with its sister company Life365 Health, provides connectivity to a wide range of platforms, systems and services that capture     patient generated data collected outside the traditional point of care. Life365 Health is a virtual care platform that enables efficient and economic implementation of today’s remote healthcare solutions and services to be delivered to patients at home, while LifeConnect supports the next generation of connected care solutions, available today and in the future.

“Our mission at Life365 is to provide greater access to care and connectivity, to larger populations, in a cost-effective manner, allowing proactive treatment and earlier intervention when needed in the patient journey, prior to the need for more expensive care,” said Kent Dicks, CEO of Life365. “While our platform today, interfaces to hundreds of medical devices for home use, with the ability to integrate to over 50 EHRs, the LifeConnect Intelligent Digital Therapeutic (iDTx) Platform, is designed to integrate partner solutions like wearables, sensors and patches, that in their own right have great efficacy and science behind them, but need a unified platform connected into providers to scale, especially to the home setting. This is why we were excited to announce our new partnership with AliveCor / KardiaMobile last week, and now Movement Interactive (Hiji Band/Hiji Sense) and AffirmXH.

Hiji Band is an intelligent sensor that is built into a flexible cooling headband and state of the art compression sock that helps alert to concussions and falls. “We are truly excited to partner with Life365, adding the Hiji Band and Hiji Sense to the LifeConnect family of sensors,” said Dr. Eric Luster DBA, CEO of Movement Interactive. “Hiji Band has been very successful in helping to alert to potential concussions, especially when used with soccer players. Hiji Band is the concussion detection and reporting device of the Women’s Professional Soccer League (WPSL) in over 170 locations. Our partnership will now take that success and explode its potential into healthcare, providing new data sources from patients in their real environments, outside the hospital, in their home.”

AffirmXH is an intelligent continuous biosensor company. Its accessible, lightweight patch collects key biometric data from an individual, including temperature, heart rate, heart rate variability and motion.   Working off a coin cell battery, the AffirmXH sensor can last for over 6 months and is connected via Bluetooth Low-Energy to a smart phone or gateway. “This is where it becomes extremely exciting,” said Ian Shadforth, CEO of AffirmXH. “AffirmXH by itself can address a number of significant use cases for care, helping provide early warning signs of undetected problems, but when connected to a larger platform with a variety of relevant data sources, all feeding into highly intelligent algorithms – that’s game changing in terms of providing care outside the four walls of the hospital.”

All of the platforms and solutions from Life365, Movement Interactive and AffirmXH are designed to aid in the heavy lifting required beyond the traditional point of care. These newest partners empower new hospital at home models, by providing a missing dataset of patient generated data, and helping to provide a more complete longitudinal view of patient information incorporating health record data,      patient generated data and genomic data.

About LifeConnect
LifeConnect is a subsidiary of Life365, working in conjunction with its sister company, Life365 Health to enable the collection of cost-effective data outside the four walls of the hospital, at home. The LifeConnect mission is to connect, coordinate and integrate a variety of devices / solutions to extract valuable patient generated data, driven by machine learning / artificial intelligence, in order to help create new algorithms, yield more efficient and personalized models of care. LifeConnect is a major patent holder for the “next generation” of wearables, bands, sensors and patches, driven by machine learning / AI, connected to OEM medical devices, implantables, biochips/rapid diagnostics and Activity of Daily Living (ADL) devices, including smart TV, alarms, car ignitions and much more. LifeConnect has patented and developed the LifeOS®, a lean operating system that allows processing to move to the edge, reducing size, power and cost, utilizing networks such as Narrow Band IoT (NBIOT) instead of much more resource intensive 5G/6G, enabling the ability to scale to large population of patients and become a platform for Intelligent Digital Therapeutics (iDTx).

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About Movement Interactive

Movement Interactive, Inc. is a developer of wearable technology to address undiagnosed concussions and unreported falls. The Phoenix-based company is the maker of the patented Hiji Band & Hiji Sense, a comfortable and versatile headband with a Bluetooth sensor that connects to a mobile app to provide real-time data directly to parents and coaches about possible concussion-strength impacts and falls for senior citizens. The Hiji family of products are available at

About AffirmXH

AffirmXH Inc. is a continuous monitoring biosensor company developing accessible solutions for remote monitoring of various conditions. Its first product monitors key indicators of possible infection, including temperature, heart rate and heart rate variability. Key to this proposition is collecting sufficient baseline data from each individual so insight can be provided as soon as something changes. Consequently AffirmXH’s solutions are lightweight, low cost and comfortable to wear 24/7, without the need for recharging. Subsequent products will enable remote monitoring of these and additional metrics across the age continuum.

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