Remote Patient Monitoring Industry Resource List

By Life365 on October, 18 2021

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Connected health technology is changing the way healthcare is delivered. We have included a list of resources that we frequently reference to stay up to date with the latest information impacting the remote patient monitoring industry.

Life365 is an active participant in policy groups and trade associations to promote and evangelize the use of digital technologies in healthcare. The objective for many of the resources listed below is to help secure regulatory and legislative changes to improve the connected health regulatory and reimbursement landscape, incentivize the use of connected health technologies, and support stakeholders in their objective to improve patient health and increase access to care. 

This is not an exhaustive list, there are many groups and stakeholders working to advance the implementation and acceptance of digital health technologies. Share this page and tell us what resources you reference - tag @Life365inc on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook

Policy Groups / Trade Associations 
Law Offices / Attorneys 
Government Resources
Billing and Documentation