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Valor Healthcare Awarded Contract to Provide Remote Patient Monitoring Services for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

By Life365 on June, 5 2023

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Valor Healthcare is proud to announce its selection as one of four companies awarded a position on Veterans Affairs’ (VA) eight-year, $1.032 billion contract to provide Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Home Telehealth (HT) services for veterans.

VA’s Office of Connected Care will deploy the systems and tools needed to monitor veterans’ chronic health conditions while they are at home. The contract award represents the largest Remote Patient Monitoring effort in the federal government. 

The VA’s award notice, posted Monday, May 1st, states that the work supports at least 72,000 veterans whose needs can include chronic care, acute care, health promotion, disease prevention, and non-institutional care. Awardees will also be responsible for providing prosthetic appliances in support of care coordination and chronic disease management efforts. 

Valor Healthcare is uniquely positioned to deliver high-quality RPM-HT services to veterans across the country. Valor is the largest private provider of Community Based Outpatient Clinics to VA, providing direct primary care and mental health services to over 140,000 veterans across the country. With this award, Valor Healthcare is the only private company in the United States providing veterans both in-person care in brick-and-mortar facilities and care delivered via Remote Patient Monitoring and Home Telehealth. 

“We are both honored and humbled to be selected as one of four contractors to provide RPM-HT services for the VA,” said Dr. Scot Wise, President and CEO of Valor Healthcare. “We have assembled an extraordinary team of RPM-HT technology industry leaders, and we are committed to leveraging our collective expertise with this technology, this patient population, and this customer to help VA deliver unparalleled RPM-HT services to the most deserving patient population in the world.” The VA’s decision to award this contract to Valor Healthcare underscores the government’s commitment to providing high-quality care to veterans across the country. Valor Healthcare has a 25-year, proven record of delivering exceptional healthcare services to veterans and other patriots serving our country. 

The VA’s RPM-HT services are especially important now, given the increased demand for remote healthcare services due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and are a key part of VA’s healthcare delivery modernization effort. The RPM-HT technologies provided by Valor Healthcare and the other companies awarded this contract enable veterans to better self-manage their chronic conditions and alert caregivers or other medical personnel to needs for active care and case management, including referral to a clinic or hospital for in-person care. 

Valor Healthcare as the prime, teamed up with noted established companies and thought leaders in the space to bring the most comprehensive Remote Patient Monitoring/Virtual Care offering in the market today. Notably among them, Life365. 

Life365 is a leading Virtual First Care platform that enables healthcare delivery at home. The omnichannel platform addresses key challenges for scaling remote patient monitoring services to the home, providing a single point integration solution to enterprise healthcare organizations. The platform is device agnostic, integrating with hundreds of connected medical devices, and offers a uniquely broad range of connectivity options (smart devices, cellular embedded / IoT hubs, and wearables) for engaging patients remotely to acquire vital signs and behavioral data. The “virtual first” approach enhances care delivery with richer data, providing early insights, and situational awareness enabling “just-in-time care”. With an eye on the future, Life365 has been granted several strategic patents for their IP regarding the use of wearable tech, lightweight sensors, and AI platforms in healthcare delivery, which will benefit providers, payers, health systems, and others, as they implement a more proactive approach to care in the coming years. 

Valor’s other leading partners include: BlueStar TeleHealth, ChronicCareIQ, Data Primed, and GlobalMed. 

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About Valor: Valor Healthcare is a premier provider of exceptional primary care and behavioral health services to Veterans enrolled in the VA Healthcare system as well as patriots who honor their country through government service. With a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of veterans and other patriots, Valor Healthcare operates outpatient clinics across the United States, delivering high-quality care that is accessible, convenient, and patient-centered. As a leader in the federal government healthcare space, Valor Healthcare is proud to be a trusted partner of the VA Healthcare system, the Department of Homeland Security, and other departments and agencies of the federal government. 

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