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VectorCare and Life365 align to expand and accelerate the deployment of digital health solutions for healthcare organizations

By Life365 on February, 22 2021

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The joint partnership between Life365 and VectorCare will enable healthcare organizations to create more efficient workflows and accelerate the deployment of digital health solutions. The companies saw an opportunity to provide remote health monitoring services to effectively treat and manage patients in their homes.

Life365, a leading remote patient monitoring company, is pleased to announce alignment of their virtual care platform with VectorCare, a Bay Area patient care logistics company, to expand and accelerate the deployment of digital health solutions for healthcare organizations.

2020 brought unforeseen challenges to the healthcare industry and an overnight upsurge to provide virtual care solutions to patient populations. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have made strides to alleviate hospital capacity strains, and have developed new programs that enable health systems to leverage remote patient monitoring and telehealth solutions to treat and manage patients in their homes. Health systems currently utilizing the VectorCare platform will now have access to quickly and easily deploy Life365 remote patient monitoring solutions to patients directly from the platform.

VectorCare's web-based software platform and mobile app help care teams collaborate and execute healthcare events in real-time. Administrators, care teams, and IT teams can build and deploy flexible workflows for anytype of service, track and capture the status and other important information in real-time. An example ofexisting services on the platform include non-emergency transportation, durable medical equipment orders, and home health visits and services.

In response to shifting care delivery needs, David Emanuel, CEO of VectorCare shared, “Before COVID-19 hit we observed a huge signal toward at-home patient care models, which has been accelerated by the pandemic and overwhelmed hospital capacity. We are excited to add Life365 to our platform as another way to provide care services to keep patients at home and healthy.”

Telehealth and remote patient monitoring technologies are powerful tools that can be leveraged to improve patient outcomes, reduce hospital readmissions and emergency department visits, and help patients better manage chronic conditions. Telehealth enables clinicians to provide ongoing care to patients once they have transitioned home, and helps keep patients and caregivers connected to their care team.

Organizations using the VectorCare platform can order remote patient monitoring kits for patients, for example, upon discharge from the hospital. Patients receive curated health kits that include cellular smart devices preloaded with software, and Bluetooth biometric monitoring devices to record vital signs. Smart devices include patient engagement applications like medication reminders and educational information.

Once measurements are captured by the smart device, patient readings are transmitted in near real-time to the web-based clinical monitoring portal for review by clinical team members. Clinicians can establish threshold parameters for measurement readings, and when a measurement reading breaches those parameters, alert notifications are sent to the clinical team who can review the data and respond quickly with appropriate interventions and care for the patient. Faster interventions can help to reduce avoidable hospitalizations, lower costs of care, and enhance support for patients and their caregivers.

“VectorCare, like Life365, believes in using innovative technologies to reduce friction points around patient care, including EHR integration, solution alignment, deployment, and engagement of the patients,” said Kent Dicks, CEO of Life365. “Our partnership enables healthcare organizations to create more efficient workflows, and expedite the implementation of virtual care technologies.”

Since its inception, the hospital-at-home model of care has shown better outcomes at a lower cost, with the added benefit of patients being able to recover in the comfort of their homes. CMS has stated that with proper monitoring, more than 60 conditions including congestive heart failure, COPD, and pneumonia can be treated in home settings.

For more information on the Acute Hospital Care at Home program, visit CMS online:



Life365 Health: Life365 is a leading telehealth and remote care management solution provider. The Life365 Virtual Care Platform includes solutions and services for patients with various conditions where remote patient monitoring and active self-management will result in better health outcomes. The platform enables health professionals to remotely manage patient populations using consumer-based healthcare solutions. Life365 is led by an experienced, industry-recognized team, recently nominated for a 2021 Edison Award for their work addressing COVID-19 and the winner of the 2021 BIG Innovation Award. The team’s previous connected health company was acquired by Alere (now Abbott) in 2012.
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VectorCare: Founded in 2012, VectorCare is building the largest no-code platform for patient care logistics. Their mission is to design solutions that empower care teams– both healthcare providers and service providers– to deliver more successful patient journeys.
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