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Westchester & Fairfield County Business Journals - White Plains Hospital partners with Life365 to expand remote health services

By Life365 on March, 17 2021

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White Plains Hospital’s new partnership with Life365, a virtual health care company in Scottsdale, Arizona, will allow providers to deliver a higher quality of care for patients receiving telehealth services, and will make remote medicine a more feasible option for a higher number of patients.

White Plains Hospital“Our focus has always been on delivering an exceptional patient experience, with our informed consumers at the center of our care system,” said Jonathan Bandel, vice president of strategy and innovation at White Plains Hospital.

“Life365 furthers that aim by making our patients true collaborators in their care journey and enables our highly skilled physicians and care teams to proactively partner in delivering patient-specific interventions.”

Through the partnership, Life365 will provide “connected care kits” for at-home patients. The kits will contain biometric devices such as weight scales, blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, pulse oximeters and spirometers.

The tools can be connected to smartphone apps or can come with reconnected, prefigured smart devices if needed. Data from the monitoring devices can be transmitted by the patient to their provider or care team via the connected smartphone or smart device.

For White Plains Hospital, the initial kits will be respiratory care bundles for individuals with conditions like COPD and asthma, many of whom can be highly vulnerable to other ailments, especially the Covid-19 virus.

Other kits offered by Life365 include cardiac care, diabetes care, kidney care, complete chronic care and Covid-19 care.

The tools will also allow doctors and care teams to monitor patients in real time between visits so that they can adjust treatments as necessary – which can help keep patients in a stable state and reduce their need for hospital visits.

Patients may also use the tools to have a greater personal awareness of their health, so that they may be more proactive and independent in making health decisions.


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